Hair Weaving Techniques for Hairstyles

Weave techniques can last a short time or for several months.

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Some hair weaving techniques work best for a hot fling with a hairstyle whereas others offer months of commitment so you never have to worry about a bad hair day. A hair weave attaches single strands or long rows -- called wefts -- of human or synthetic hair to your own, using an application method. Depending on the application method you and your stylist choose, you can enjoy long-term or short-term hair.

Bonded Weaves

When you want to rock a sweet style for a special occasion, such as a wedding or prom, bonded weaves work well. These are designed to go up quick using a bonded adhesive. They last a short while and are also less expensive than more time-intensive methods. If you opt for a bonded weave, have your style taken down by a professional to avoid damaging your natural hair.

Net Weaves

Net weaves are safe and gentle and ideal for women suffering from hair loss or hair damage. To make a net weave, braid your natural hair and sew a weave net over the braided base. Sew wefts of hair directly onto the net, not onto your hair. Because the weft hair is sewn onto the net directly, there's no pulling or tension on your natural hair. A net weave will last two to three months.

Sew-In Weaves

Sew-in weaves start out like net weaves, with a braided base. They can incorporate all of your natural hair or part of it. You can leave the perimeter and bangs down to cover up weave tracks or use an invisible weave style that hides weave tracks. Once you create the braid base, sew the wefts of hair directly over your braids, working from the nape of the neck up.

Micro Rings

Micro ring (or loop, or link) extensions use gentle force to attach single strand extensions to your own hair. To get this style, you need single strand extension hair, micro rings, and hair pliers. Section off a thin slice of hair, then thread a micro ring onto the hair. Push a single strand extension through the ring so it sits next to your hair. Crimp the ring with pliers, and you're done. This style lasts for three months and looks totally natural.

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