A Hair Weave That You Can Wet, Straighten & Perm

Treat your human hair weave like your natural hair.

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If you are a girl who likes to shake things up in the hairstyle department, the last thing that you'll want is to get stuck with a weave that never changes. While curly hair might suit your tastes today, that doesn't mean you won't want to go straight tomorrow. Unfortunately, not all types of weaves allow you to straighten, perm or even wet your hair without damaging the extensions. Before you make a choice on which weave to go with, it's important to know which one will let you explore your style options the most.

Choose a Human Hair Weave

Human hair weave is a weave that -- you guessed it -- is made of human hair. For that reason you can do many of the same things that you would normally do to your natural hair. It's important to choose the right kind of human hair, particularly if you plan to perm it. That's because not all human extension hair is the same. You can break it down into remy and non-remy hair. Remy hair is human hair that's been collected directly from the people who donated it. The outer cuticle of the hair is still intact unlike cheaper and non-remy hair. In addition, the cuticles are all facing in the same downward direction, which makes it less likely to tangle than other hair. Translation: When your goal is to perm, straighten or wet your extensions, a remy weave will be easiest to manage.

Remy Hair Weaves and Water

Water may not be your friend when you have a cute image to maintain, but if your remy hair extensions happen to get wet it won't be the end of the world or the end of your weave. Because it can tolerate being wet, the good news is that you can wash it on a regular basis without worrying about it tangling beyond repair. You'll want to be gentle with your weave, however, by using a moisturizing shampoo that's has a low pH level and a conditioner formulated for dry hair.

Straightening your Weave

Styling is another benefit of human hair weaves. When you're in the mood to wear straight hair, you can do so by either using a blow-dryer or a flatiron. The key to keeping the damage to a minimum is to watch the heat of your styling tools. Just because remy hair can tolerate heat styling, it doesn't mean that you should overdo it.


It is possible to perm remy hair, although ideally it is best to purchase hair that already matches your natural curls. When using a perm, do so carefully and quickly to avoid overprocessing and ruining your weave. Ideally, the type of perm that you use should be a gentle perm, such as a color-safe perm, that will be least likely to damage your hair. Don't leave the perm solution on for more than five or 10 minutes; unlike with your natural hair, it will work especially quickly on hair extensions. Other than the time, follow the directions carefully and rinse the solution out thoroughly.

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