How to Do a Hair Weave With Bangs

Sew-in weaves give your own hair time to rest and grow.

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When you want instant care-free tresses with flirty bangs, a sew-in weave can get you the look without cutting your own hair. If you're the adventurous type and like to sew and braid, you can buy weft hair extensions and do your weave at home. Just remember, weaves that everyone can spot across the room are on every fashionista's list of don'ts. So pick out a human hair weave that looks like it could be yours, and keep your hot hair secret to yourself.


Cornrow your hair in circular braids about 1/3 to ½ inch wide, beginning with the outer perimeter of your hairline and working inwards to the crown area of your head. Stitch the long end of your braid flat into the crown area with weave thread, so your finished weave lays flat against the top of your head. If you don't stitch the braid end flat, you may have an embarrassing telltale lump underneath your weave.


Sew your weave weft hair to the first braid that circles your hairline. Follow your cornrow pattern as you sew the weft track to your hair using medium sized stitches, until a 1-inch circular opening remains in the crown area of your head. Cut the weft track when you’re done, and secure it to your hair with a few small stitches to keep it from slipping loose.


Place your top closure piece in the small opening. A top closure is a small hair piece that looks sort of like a ponytail extension that covers up the weft tracks at the top of your head and makes your weave style look realistic. You can buy a ready-made top closure at the beauty supply store to match the color and texture of your weft hair. Sew the top closure in place to close the opening and finish your weave.


Comb your weave hair out and downwards from your crown area. Trim the back and sides of your weave to even them out. You only get one chance to cut weave hair the way you want it, so ask a friend to help you get the back to the length you want.


Gather a section of hair between the outer ends of your eyebrows and hold it in place with your comb. For short bangs, cut your hair in small using the center of your nose as your guide. If you want longer bangs, clip your hair close to the tip of your nose.


Grasp a 1- or 2-inch section of hair from your right side between your index and middle fingers, and pull it towards the front. Clip the outer edges of your bangs downward to line up with the right side, then do the same to trim the left side of your bangs.


Snip away stray ends from the center of your bangs. Flip under the bangs with a flat iron. Glide the flat iron over the rest of your weave hair, then flip under your ends if you desire. Add just a tiny bit of finishing gloss for a shiny, perfect look.

Things You'll Need


1.Curved needle

3.2 packets of straight weave hair


7.Flat iron

2.Weave thread

4.Top closure piece

6.Hair shears

8.Finishing hair gloss


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