Hair Types for Single Braids

Mogul Jennifer Lopez rocked a boho style halo braid in Japan.

Photo: Junko Kimura/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hairstyles can take you down memory lane. Old memories of sitting between mommy's legs to get your hair braided down for school can be bittersweet. You hated the braiding part, but boy, was it pretty when your saw the results. Though you're no longer a kid, sporting a single-braid style is a grown-up way to rock it out no matter your hair type.

Hair Types for the Braid

American-American women wear box braids, micro braids, cornrows and other braided styles and have the hair texture that can hold braids for a long period of time. However, thick hair types of any woman no matter the texture are great for braids. Single braids with the help of texturizing gel or spray is definitely feasible for any hair type. There are a variety of single-braid hairstyle ideas.

The Loose Boho Braid

The loose bohemian braid wrapped around your head is a haute, chic look. This style is best for super long real or synthetic hair. Braid your hair in a circular motion to start with one side and end up on the opposite side. Cross the hanging end of the braid across the start of the braid and tuck it underneath. It can still look like a single braid even if you use two braids to achieve this style. Part your hair down the middle. Braid the strands close to the scalp in pigtails in a curve shape to the end. Secure the braids with rubber bands. Wrap the parts of the braids that are hanging in opposite directions. Use bobby pins to keep them underneath the other parts of the braids. Use texturizing spray to keep them intact. You can also use a braided headband if your hair is shorter. Either way you choose, you'll be an angel with your halo braided style.

The Fishtail Braid

This style is really simple. Rock your signature bang with the rest of your hair braided loosely to the side. Instead of braiding from the root, back comb that part for a messy look. Start braiding a little less than halfway down. Secure the end with a rubber band.

The Ponytail Braid

For this style, you will first slick your hair back with or without a bang. You can also backcomb the front section and use mousse for a messy look. Next, pull the rest up in a high or low ponytail. Braid the hair in the ponytail, then secure it with a rubber band at the end. This style is unique and daring for a fancy night event.

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