Hair Styles for Long, Thin Hair

Show your love for your long, thin hair.

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The first rule of beauty is to accept and love what you were born with. Although your long hair may be thin, you can create hairstyles that wouldn't work as well for those with thick locks. As you show your appreciation for your hair, mix up your daily looks with different styles perfect for your long, thin hair.

Straight and Sleek

Straight, sleek hair never goes out of style, and long, thin hair is perfect for this 'do. Blow dry your damp hair. Heat up a variable-temperature flat iron and run it through your hair starting at the roots. If you find that it's not getting your hair as straight and sleek as you'd like, turn up the heat and try again. Spray your hair with shine serum to give it even more shine. For best results, create this look only when you won't be in rainy or humid conditions, or your straight, sleek 'do won't last even five minutes.

Messy Beach Waves

Even though you have thin hair, you can create the illusion of thickness by adding volume. Roll up your long locks with large-sized curlers. Once the curls are set and you remove the curlers, run your fingers through your hair. This will break up the curls and turn your locks into tousled waves that look like you just left the beach. If you want even more volume, flip your hair over so your head is upside down and spray the roots at the base of your neck with extra-hold hairspray.

Side Braid

With thin hair, you can make much smaller braids than your thick-haired friends can produce. A thin braid can do wonders when kept to the side. As you section off your hair into thirds, pull each section to the side of your head. Braid like you normally would, but pull the braid toward that ear. You'll end up with a sassy, thin side braid that accentuates the luscious length of your hair.

Twin Buns

Whether you're going for a run or you just hate your wispy hair flying into your face, there's times when it's best to pull your hair back. Rather than a boring old ponytail, sweep your long, thin hair back into twin buns. Create a part down the back of your head to create two sections of hair. With one section out of the way, twist and roll a section into a small bun. Secure it just to the side of your part with a few bobby pins. Do this with the other section as well. Now you can keep your hair out of your face all while showcasing your style.

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