Hair Styles for Five Inches of Hair

Singer Kimberly Caldwell has about 5 inches of hair, and always has a chic hairstyle.

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Just because you may only have 5 inches of hair, that doesn't mean you should ever feel as though you don't have lots of different styling options. Hey, you've got to work with what you've got. Five inches of hair is definitely enough to work with, and a few hairstyles in particular will work well with short hair.


A sleek straight blowout is one way to show off your short hair. It won't take you hours to do either, as it can for those long-haired lasses. Start by washing and conditioning your hair, then rinsing your hair with cool water to prevent frizz. Work a straightening balm through your hair, then blow dry with a round brush to get it super straight. Run a bit of smoothing serum over your hair to keep it sleek and frizz-free all day.

Ringlet Curls

Ringlet curls work on all hair types, even the driest, coarsest hair, as long as you've got those five inches to work with. Use a heated curling iron to wrap small sections of dry hair -- each about an inch wide -- around the barrel of the curling iron. Curl as far up each section as you can, without burning yourself, of course. Once all your hair is curled, spritz over your locks with some hairspray, tousle your curls gently with your fingertips to break them up a bit, and part your hair on one side.


Cornrows can be styled onto 5 inches of hair, and work well if you want a style that gets your hair out of your face. When styled properly, cornrows work for more casual occasions and for the workplace. The best part is that it's such a long-lasting style. Talk about saving yourself styling time for days. Start by forming the first section, which must be even all the way down your head, about an inch wide all the way down. Start weaving down the hair, keeping the braid close to your scalp, bringing in bits of hair from each side as you make your way down the hair. Once you reach the ends, secure with a hair elastic. Repeat this to add in as many additional cornrows as you want.

Hair Twists

Hair twists work on even the shortest locks, as long as there's a few inches of hair to work with. Pull out a section of hair from one side of your head, just above one ear, about 1-inch wide. Twist the hair in one direction -- clockwise or counterclockwise, doesn't matter -- and secure it in place with a bobby pin a few inches back from the roots. Create another section this same size, right beside the first, and repeat the process. Continue this until all of your front hair is twisted back, from one ear to the other.

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