The Best Hair Nourishment

With proper nourishment, even the driest, dullest hair can become healthy again.

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No matter what length, type or texture your hair is, an important element of your personal style is properly nourishing it to keep it healthy and shiny. From using a deep-conditioning treatment to watching what you eat, you can nourish your hair in several different ways. Try incorporating a few effective "hair-healthy" methods into your regular hair-care regime and see what an amazing difference it can make in your tresses.


Shampoo isn't meant to nourish your hair, but if you're using the wrong shampoo, you can end up causing unnecessary dryness. Opt for a light, gentle, cream-based shampoo -- a color-treated version if your hair is dyed -- and only focus the product around the roots of your hair. Don't wash your hair more than three to four times a week. Even if you like to be uber-clean, it's not necessary and it's only going to strip and dry out your strands.


A basic conditioning product should always be used after shampooing -- no excuses. Even shampooing with a gentle, natural shampoo causes your hair to become slightly stripped. Conditioner helps combat that problem by providing moisture and nourishment to your hair. Focus the product over the ends of your hair, where moisture is most needed. Otherwise -- particularly if you have fine, thin hair to start with -- your hair can end up limp and lifeless.

Deep-Conditioning Treatment

A deep-conditioning treatment helps keep your hair hydrated and nourished; it's especially important to use if you've got thick, coarse hair, which can become extra dry and brittle, or if you tend to use a lot of heat styling tools and harsh dyes or hair products. Don't overdo it with the deep conditioner, though. Once or twice every couple of weeks is more than enough, nourishing your hair without creating buildup, not leaving it oily and weighed down.

Scalp Massages

Scalp massages do more than just make you feel good. The massage action around your scalp actually stimulates hair growth, promoting faster, healthier hair growth as a result. Whether you head to a salon for your scalp massage or enlist a friend who owes you a favor, you'll notice the results not long afterward.


What you eat affects the overall condition of your hair, so it's important you ensure you're including the right foods in your diet. Foods rich in iron and protein help nourish your hair; almonds, whole wheat, dark leafy vegetables, lamb, fish, poultry are all good choices. Vitamin C, in particular, promotes healthy hair growth, so get enough oranges, mango, kiwi fruit and other fruits in your diet. Vitamin C supplements are also available OTC.

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