The Best Hair Highlights & Lowlights for Blond Hair

At the CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, singer Carrie Underwood looks uber-glam with subtle, natural-looking highlights and lowlights.

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The process of adding highlights and lowlights into your hair offers several important benefits. For one thing, this dye job creates major depth and dimension in your hair, leaving your locks looking full and voluminous. The streaks of color break up solid-hued hair, creating lots of texture, not to mention a chic look. For adding into blond hair, choose the right colors based on the desired finished look you're after.


For a natural effect in your blond hair, you simply need to stick with hues in the same color family. As your highlighting color, choose a slightly lighter blond color to create the lightening, brightening effect in your hair. As the color for your lowlights, opt for dark blond or light to medium brown shade to keep it subtle with the colors almost appearing to blend together.


If you're looking for a dramatic hair change, choose contrasting hues as your colors of choice in your blond hair. For either -- or both -- highlights or lowlights, any color from red or black to blue or pink really stands out in your light locks and creates a majorly contrasting effect. Keep in mind that the larger you make each colored section, the more your hair appears as that color overall.


Put your highlighting and lowlighting colors to good use by creating an ombre -- or dip-dyed -- effect in your hair. You can add your highlights around the top and lowlighted sections around the bottom, or vice versa, depending on the look you want; darker on top with a lighter color around the bottom creates the typical ombre effect, almost looking as though you have some root regrowth showing through. Yeah, normally that's the last thing you'd want, but for this look it's what you need.


You don't have to stick with the norm when you're adding highlights and lowlights to your hair. Hey, there's no rulebook that says you have to do things a certain way, so color your hair how you want to get the desired look. Heck, try something funky like highlights and lowlights only added around the back or front of your head, or colored through your hair in a zigzag pattern.

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