Hair Foil Sectioning for Chunky Highlights

Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas, performs during  "Concert for NYC. She is a fan of thick, chunky highlights.

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The difference between thin, or normal, highlights and chunky highlights -- also known as streaks -- is that, well, they're bigger. You don't need to head off to the salon when you want chunky highlights in your hair, but if you're going to take on the task yourself, you need to know what you're doing. No matter how bold and edgy you may be, you still want your dye job to turn out right.


Preparation is everything when you color your hair. You want to have everything you're going to need set up, so you can focus on your dye job and not get distracted running around trying to find everything last minute. For your chunky highlights you need dye, gloves, an applicator brush and bowl, and a fine-toothed comb.


Before going anywhere near your hair with the dye, figure out how you want the placement of the highlights. With your hair parted how you normally wear it, determine where you want the first highlight, at the front of your head on one side of your part. For a chunky highlighted look, you need to work in sections, each at least 1/2-inch wide, but they can be as large as you want, as long as you leave bits of your natural hair color in between the highlights so it doesn't turn out as one solid color.


Pull the section of hair for your first highlight out using the tip end of a fine-toothed comb. Comb through the hair to make it smooth. You don't want any tangles in your hair when you go to apply the dye; this can result in bare spots. A blotchy dye job is so not hot. Place your hair onto a piece of tinfoil, with the top edge of the foil pressed right up against your scalp. Now you're ready to paint on your color.


Add your highlighting mixture -- or whatever type of color you're using to get the results you want -- onto the hair, until it's completely saturated in the stuff. Fold up the strip around the hair and dye over another section of hair the same way. Remember, even though chunky highlights aren't exactly natural looking, you don't want them to be perfect, so don't mirror one side of your head with the other.

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