The Best Hair Cut for Thick, Frizzy, Wavy Hair

A layered cut thins thick hair and uses natural waves to flatter the face.

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Cursing your thick, frizzy, wavy hair? Tempted to tie it back in a pony or hide your unmanageable strands in a bun? Don’t despair. The right cut can tame your frizzies, thin your thick mane, and use your waves to your best advantage. There are several cuts that work well for thick, frizzy and wavy tresses. Ask your stylist which one would be best for your hair texture and face shape. With the right cut, you’ll be the envy of thin-haired, wave-deprived gals.

Layered Cut

Work with the waves your momma gave you with a layered haircut that uses your natural wave pattern. A layered cut can give you graduated, waves that frame and flatter your face. Plus, layers will reduce your hair’s volume and create balance, according to Dustin Landes, a stylist at Hot Heads Salon in Denver. The website Hairfinder recommends shallow layering, sometimes called beveling. Or ask your stylist for razor layers, which create lots of small, subtle layers.

Blunt Cut

The Hairfinder website recommends a blunt cut for wavy-haired gals. Try a bob with the tips of your strands cut straight across the ends, Landes suggests. Bobs are always in style and make your waves the star attraction. Use a curling iron with large barrels or giant hot rollers to accentuate your waves and a dab of mousse or gel on the ends of your strands to defrizz. Bobs usually fall around the chin or shoulder and look super cute with naturally wavy hair.

Pixie Cut

Short, pixie cuts are ideal for thick, wavy, frizz-prone hair. “The longer your hair, the more weighed down it will look,” Landes says. A short cut will thin the volume and tame the frizz. A pixie is super manageable and can be shampooed and styled in no time flat. It should follow your natural waves and curl naturally around your face. If necessary, use a curling iron to curl short wisps and strands toward your face. Celebs such as Halle Berry and Victoria Beckham rock the pixie cut and look adorable.


To keep frizz to a minimum, let your hair dry naturally. Hairfinder recommends using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner to KO frizz. Once a week, apply a deep, leave-in conditioner. Landes recommends requesting a stylist experienced with cutting thick, frizzy, wavy hair. A cut incorporating razor layers in particular requires a skilled, experienced stylist, notes the Hair Boutique website. With the right haircut, you’ll walk out of the salon with a whole new ‘tude and a chic cut that could grace any magazine cover.

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