Hair Cut Short Around the Ears & Neck

Michelle Williams went short and has yet to go back as evinced by her appearance at a Hollywood awards ceremony.

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Long hair can feel like a burden, sure. It gets in the way, it takes forever to style and it's quite young. If you're ready for something sassier, more mature and maybe even a little bit sexier, try a short cut. Lots of women go this route all the time, never to return to hair they have to hassle with.

Undercut Style

A new type of tough girl style has been sweeping the new millennium. It's a favorite of ultra hip runway models and singers. Is it right for you? If you're looking for something dramatic it could be just the thing. It's called an undercut. It's essentially hair that's longer on top and shaved on the bottom. The length of your top half is up to you. But if you're looking for a style that's short around your ears and neck, you're best asking for a standard, short, boy cut and then having the bottom shaved off. One variation of this look is to shave the side of your head too, while letting the rest of your locks remain longer.

Choppy Pixie

If you have petite, symmetrical features, you can pull of the choppy pixie 'do. What is it exactly? Just check out a picture of Halle Berry from 2010, she exemplifies the style. Short in back and on the sides, the top is just long enough to be textured and lifted up with styling products for a sassy vibe. Use pomade or hair wax to define the top of your hair, twisting it or letting it spike up in any way you please.

Soft Pixie

Not all pixie cuts are created equal. If you're in for something a little more classic, feminine and softer, then you'll want something slightly longer than what Halle has going on. Think about the actress Michelle Williams and her 2011 short style. Soft, feathered layers still make for a short hairstyle, but they can be swooped, straightened or slicked back for more versatility. And all it takes is quick trim to go shorter if you like.

'20s Something

If edgy, boyish style isn't your thing, get a short cut a boy wouldn't be caught dead with. The ultra sleek bob. First worn in the 1920s and made famous by the actress Louise Brooks this look defined the flapper era. It's not for everyone, though. If your face is round or square, you'll have to try something else. But if you've got an oblong shape with or without a prominent chin, you're good to go. The style is an extremely closely cropped bob that's curled under and just an inch or two longer than your ear lobes. It's very feminine and very stylish.

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