Hair Colors for Winter


The cold, unforgiving temperatures of the winter season can leave you feeling a little mundane about your hair color options. Well, you're in luck because there are some hot hair color choices that are sure to spice up even the doldrums of winter. The color palette for winter is considerably darker, so naturally your hair color choices will also venture toward the dark side. But darkness doesn't mean dull, so choose the best hair color options for winter that are sure to turn heads.

Platinum Blond

It may seem like a shade better suited for the warmer months of the year when hot summer days at the beach are all that's on the agenda, but platinum blond also has a welcomed place in winter, as well. The reason that platinum blond hair color works well during the winter season is because of the element of contrast. The stark combination of the white blond color against the dark clothing color palette of winter is beautifully striking. Also, because platinum blond lacks the warming highlights and base tones of other blonds, it's ideal for the muted palette of winter.


Black hair color is a no-brainer during the winter months because it blends in perfectly with the color palette that is full of other dark tones. However, there is a noticeable fashion-forward twist to black hair that is sure to grab attention. Instead of just solely one shade of black hair color, there are subtle, dark blue highlights weaved in. Blue-black hair color is a great way to break up the intensity of traditional black hair color, making it easier for fair skin women to wear. Of course this shade may be too quirky or editorial for some women, but if you want to try it without the commitment, use fake blue extensions.


Burgundy is an alternative to red for the winter hair color season. Burgundy hair color is on the darker red spectrum of hair color, and it has lovely elements of dark brown and even some violet tones thrown in. Although not as bright as other reds, burgundy is a nice way to incorporate color into the winter season that is often populated with earth tones and other muted shades. Quick tip: To to brighten things up a bit, weave in some medium brown highlights.

Medium Brown

Brown is one of the most flattering -- and easiest to wear -- hair colors around. It's not too subtle or too overpowering, and it happens to be versatile enough to wear year-round. For the winter season however, medium brown is the choice hue. It's a nice in between point of dark and caramel brown, which gives it its complementary nature. Medium brown hair color also goes quite well with the color palette of the winter season, so you won't have to worry about your hair color clashing with your clothing.

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