The Best Hair Colors to Bring Out Your Eyes

Blue eyes and warm skin? Become a rocking redhead.

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Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so dress them up. Makeup is one way to beautify your peepers, but hair color can bring out the best they have to offer. With a hair color that complements your eyes and skin tone, you'll draw attention to those spiritual windows. All eyes will be on your eyes.

Light Eyes

If you're sporting light gray, grayish blue, light green or light blue eyes with a cooler skin tone, go light. Platinum blond or very light brown with even lighter highlights will make your icy eyes really pop. If your skin tone is a bit warmer, you probably have hazel, amber, green or light brown blinkers. Keep things light, but add in a hint of strawberry, golden or red highlights.

Medium Eyes

You're that brown-eyed girl that Van Morrison sings about, or maybe you have dark blue or green eyes. Either way, medium-colored eyes with a cool skin tone respond well to dirty blond or light-to-medium brown colors. If you have a warmer skin tone with dark hazel, green, amber or topaz eyes, stick with rich browns highlighted with red or burgundy.

Dark Eyes

Dark eyes and dark hair are a match made in heaven. If your eyes are dark and your skin tone is cool, imagine that cup of black coffee you drank this morning. That's the hair color for you. If you're feeling a little jazzy, go for plum or burgundy highlights. For dark eyes with warm skin, chocolate is your friend. Avoid blacks and go for deep, rich browns with red or copper highlights.

Determining Your Skin Tone

Skin tone may sound trivial, but getting it wrong could make you look washed out with sunken eyes and tired skin. Unless you dig the walking-dead look, quickly check your skin tone by holding a piece of white paper next to your face in a mirror under natural light. If the paper makes your face look yellow, you have a warm skin tone, and if the paper makes your face look blue or gray, you have a cool skin tone.

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