Hair Colors for Black Women

Add some honey blond to your lovely locks for a striking look.

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Black women have been known to experiment with their hair. From styling and extensions to color and texture, there is hardly a style that African-American women haven't embraced. One of the most popular ways black women like to experiment with hair is through color. The skin tones of African-American women come in varying shades, and that makes possibilities for trying various hair hues endless. However, a few shades always work for the majority.

Honey Blond Ambition

The reason that blond looks amazing on black women is because of the contrast. The darkness of the skin and the lightness of the hair color look beautiful against each other. The fair hue that complements black women best is honey blond. Not as drastic as platinum, but livelier than dark, honey blond has rich elements of dark blond, light brown and strawberry blond to achieve its sexy, full-bodied hue. This color looks fabulous on African-Americans with light brown to medium brown skin tones. Also, it looks great during all seasons, so if you decide on this shade you can definitely keep it for a while.

Red All Over

Red hair looks hot on black women because it's a daring shade that comes in varying tones. You can choose the brightest red in the box or the most subtle shade with red accents. While red hair generally looks good on African-Americans, an auburn shade looks best against the skin. Auburn has shades of red, brown and in some cases a hint of blond, so the color is fully fleshed out. This member of the red hue family also looks good on practically all black women regardless of skin tone.

Brown Time

Don't fear jokes about "mousy brown hair." Brown hair is one of the most amazing colors, particularly on black women. One thing to avoid when choosing a brown hue is dying your entire head in one shade of brown. If you do this, it might appear a tad mousy. Incorporate varying shades of brown and also add a few blond highlights to achieve a standout look. A brown shade that looks great on African-Americans is a deep caramel shade with subtle hints of blond.

Black to Basics

Jet black hair is a severe look that can age you and appear harsh if worn on the wrong complexion. While black hair looks good on many black women, those with light-to-medium light brown skin may want to steer clear of this color because it has a tendency to wash you out and make you look pale or ashen. African-American women with darker skin tones look better in black hair because it blends in perfectly.

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