Hair Coloring at Home With Lowlights & Highlights

Foiling your highlights and lowlights can give you a unique customized look.

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Coloring your hair at home can be a great money saver, especially if you are looking to add both highlights and lowlights. This option gives you the most natural look, and gives your hair more depth and dimension. If you want to make a statement, you can also go for a bold look, with funky color highlights and lowlights. Either way, this look will turn heads and leave you looking fabulous.


The tri-color technique is the process of coloring your hair with both highlights and lowlights, and it can be done at home. One of the most popular options is using foils. It allows you to have more control over where the color is placed, so you can customize your look. suggests placing the foils mostly around your face using colors that are only a shade or two darker or lighter than your current hair color. The lowlights work to soften your hair's color, while the highlights add dimension. You will want to start by sectioning off your hair off into four equal sections, securing them in place with hair clips. Starting at the bottom of each section and working your way up, you will tackle each section. Be sure to keep all hair, aside from the section you are working with, out of your way. Start with a 1/2-inch row of hair at the bottom and weave the end of your weaving comb through the section, letting the hair on the bottom of the comb fall. Foil the hair on top of the comb, and brush the color onto the hair. Fold the foil in on each side and in half. Alternate between highlight and lowlight color.

Hair Painting

This is more of a free from of adding highlights and lowlights to the hair. If you are confident in your coloring skills and want to try something a bit more free spirited, this is the technique for you. It is foolproof, easy and much less time consuming. Just grab the selections of hair you want colored, apply the dye and use plastic wrap to keep the color from bleeding onto non-colored hair.


The chunking-style of highlights and lowlights are wide selections of color. This would be a fun way to add funky colors, as we have seen celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson do in the past. She opted for blonde highlights and red lowlights, giving her a head-turning look. This look is better if you just do the top section, as it will be easier and look a bit more natural. Go about this in the same way you would do foils, only grab bigger slices of hair.


"Milady's Standard Textbook of Cosmetology" suggests waiting 24 to 48 hours to wash hair, so that the color has time to set in. Be sure you are using products designed for color-treated hair. These products will ensure the longevity of the color and also help strengthen your hair.

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