The Best Hair Color to Minimize Facial Redness

Highlights add depth to your hair color, minimizing facial redness.

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The wrong hair color can make you complexion look ruddy or sallow -- and if you're combating facial redness, you'd better be extra careful. The upside? A smart hair color choice can actually tone down the redness in your skin. Say good bye to red patches and the permanent sunburn look and welcome a rosy glow, compliments of your new hair color.

Find Your Temperature

Before choosing a hair color, determine whether your skin tone is warm or cool. Warm-toned divas have yellow undertones to their skin and tend to tan easily; they need a hair color with gold tones. Meanwhile, cool-skinned ladies have a pink flush to their skin and need a cool, ash-based hair color. Either way, skin that's inflamed from a sunburn, blushing or rosacea needs cooling down with ash, so if your skin tone is warm, a neutral shade or a mix of golden and ash will calm the red in your skin.

Eliminate Red

Blonde and brunette shades are safe choices for ladies with facial redness, as long as they don't have strawberry or auburn traces in them. The last thing a ruddy complexion needs is red hair to make it look redder. This is true with all personal colors, according to New Mexico State University. Just as a blonde wouldn't look her best in bright yellow, a diva with a red complexion should avoid red colors in her wardrobe and hair.

Stay Neutral

The No. 1 priority for sufferers of red skin is cooling down the ruddiness. For this, you need a neutral hair color -- no bleach blond allowed. Smart choices include neutral beige, flattering honey brown or ash-based coffee. These hues work with both cool and warm complexions to neutralize ruddiness.

Go Multidimensional

If you can make it to a salon, ask for highlights or lowlights. They add a major personality boost to your mane, and that added depth makes your hair color look more natural. But the best part is the way multidimensional color draws the eye away from facial ruddiness. While a one-shade look is stark against red skin, a hair tapestry of two or more colors helps calm any redness in a diva's complexion.

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