Hair Color Ideas for an African-American With Hazel Eyes

Beyonce wears blond highlights to brighten her face and show off her eyes.

Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hazel eyes are a dreamy mix of amber, brown, blue and green, with colors that change depending on your hair color and outfit. Women who want to play up the green in their eyes need to choose a different hair color than women who want to play up the amber or brown. If you have hazel eyes and dark skin, it's best to stick with darker colors because they'll flatter your eyes and your complexion. But that doesn't mean you can't have highlights.

Deep Red Hair

A deep red color isn't for the faint of heart. Choose this color if you're looking to stand out and be noticed. It's natural looking, and flatters both hazel eyes and your skin tone. Red hair is ultra chic, and has been seen on the red carpet on celebs including Rihanna, who has used both a coppery shade of red and a burgundy shade to bring out the green and amber tones in her hazel eyes.

Ombre Hair

Your eyes have lots of different colors that you want to show off, so why shouldn't your hair have the same? Go ombre! Ombre lets you show off your natural color, because that's the color most of your hair will be. To brighten your eyes and show off the amber and blue, choose darker blond highlights toward the bottom of your locks. This will brighten your face and add depth to your natural hair color. If you want the highlighting to appear natural against your darker skin and with your hazel eyes, go with caramel colored highlights instead. This look is more dramatic on women with relaxed hair, because you can clearly see the line where color is and isn't.

Dark Brown

Dark brown is naturally flattering with your complexion because, as an African-American woman, your natural color may already be a version of this shade. Dark hair makes your light eyes stand out and become the main feature of your face. For the most impact, choose a dark brown that's almost black, like Halle Berry or Zoe Saldana; however, steer clear of true black or you might get blue undertones, which won't flatter your skin. Hazel eyes usually indicate a warm skin tone, regardless of skin color, so you want a hair color that has red undertones. A deep, dark chocolate is almost always flattering and natural looking, so if you're not ready to go all out with a bright red, choose this color.

Dark Blond

Just because you have a dark complexion doesn't mean you can't find a shade of blond that will flatter your skin and eyes. Choosing a blond shade will bring out the amber and brown in your hazel eyes. If you want to brighten your face while darkening your eyes, this is the perfect color. Avoid an ultra light shade; choose a darker, brassy blond such as Beyonce's, or even add blond highlights to brighten your face without having a drastic change.

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