What Hair Color Goes Well With Tan Skin & Brown Eyes?

Go with light warm blond hair with your tan skin and brown eyes, like Jessica Simpson.

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For the woman with tan skin and brown eyes, choosing hair colors is a breeze -- your neutral eyes and medium skin tone mean you don't have to worry too much about color competition or a washed-out complexion. Remember to pay attention to your skin's undertones, and choosing a new shade is a breeze. Your complexion is warm, meaning it has yellow undertones, so match it with a warm hair color shade. Doesn't get any easier.

Dark Brown

It's no secret that a lot of blonds are actually natural brunettes. Though blond is beautiful, if you're a girl who has highlighted her hair for so many years that you hardly remember your natural shade, go bold and get back to basics. Dark brown hair is sultry and makes your brown eyes pop. Oh, and since you have a warm complexion, opt for a warm dark chocolate brown instead of a neutral shade -- the all-over multi-tonal highlights will warm your face right up.

Medium Golden Brown

When you're in the mood for a subtle change because dark brown is too deep for you, but blond is definitely too light, enjoy a beautiful middle-ground shade with medium golden brown. Though a neutral medium brown won't do much for your complexion and your eyes, the red-and-gold tones in this hair color coax out your skin's golden undertones and sets up a soft contrast against the dark brown of your irises. Suddenly your eyes pop a bit more; the colors work in calm harmony to enhance your every feature.

Brown Base with Beige-Gold Highlights

Blond hair looks beautiful with tan skin and brown eyes. However, that doesn't mean you need to go super-blond. If your natural base color is dark to light brown, you can ask your stylist to illuminate your natural coloring by adding beige-gold highlights throughout. These warm, super-soft highlights create depth so your hair is neither dark nor light. The mix of light and darker hues creates a shade close to your complexion, which means your brown eyes take center stage. Gorgeous.

Light Warm Blond

Just because you have a tan complexion and brown eyes doesn't mean you can't lighten your locks to a sunshine-inspired tone. Quite the opposite -- the right blond creates a glowing complexion and the super-light hue offers intense contrast with your chocolate eyes. Ask your stylist for a light warm blond shade. Think of it as going as light as possible without losing the buttery tones that keep your skin looking vibrant and healthy.

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