The Best Hair Color for the Fall

Keep in mind what to think about when choosing a hair color for fall.

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The summer sun is settling down and the cooler months of fall are peeking through. Guess what ladies -- it's time to change your hair color. It's no secret that summer months make you want to go lighter with blond highlights and all, but the fall weather is all about change. So change up your color, but keep in mind the tips and tricks for getting the best hair color for the fall.

Cool Skin Tones

There are fair, medium and dark skin tones, but what is more important is knowing if your skin is a cool tone or a warm tone. New York's Ruggeri Salon owner Greg Ruggeri says that the best way to check your tone is looking at the veins on your arms. If they appear to have a green tinge, then your skin tone is warm. If they appear blue, then the tone is cool. He says that women with cool tones should go with platinum colors, ash, and even mahogany, burgundy and violet colors.

Warm Skin Tones

Ruggeri says that if the veins in your arms appear to have a green color, then your skin tone is warm. He loves golden colors like caramel, honey or strawberry blond along with chocolate, chestnut or caramel brown for warm tones. Ruggeri also says that copper, mahogany, rust and auburn-based reds are very appropriate with warm skin tones. Bianca Lyder, manager of Federico Salon in Manhattan, says that for warmer skin tones, like medium to dark skin tones, coffee brown, dark or light chestnut, and dark or ash browns are the best route to go. She also says that if your colorist doesn't understand your skin tone, "run for the hills."

Get Inspired

Inspiration can be drawn from many places. Celebrity master colorist and New York salon owner Vasken Demirjian insists that a woman must not force a color just because it is a trend. He says to use the colors of fall -- like earthy ambers, deep auburns and fiery reds -- as inspiration. "Within this rich color palette, there is a gorgeous shade for you that instantly makes skin creamier and your eye color pop," says Demirjian. He says that although you shouldn't be afraid to go all over with color, adding just a few face-framing highlights can make a world of difference.

General Colors for Fall

Carolann Joy, owner of Carolann Joy Salon in Redmond, Washington, says that for the fall she loves rich colors with a lot of depth and dimension. "For the base, we would suggest an all-over color in the medium chestnut brown tones with golden highlights more prominent toward the bottom," says Joy. "Add lowlights of amber red or copper red, not too much darker than the base medium brown." She says that this color combination is a sure fit for all skin tones. Heather Napier, head colorist at Fruition Salon in Nashville, Tennessee, says that natural warm tones with dimensional highlights are going to be in for the fall for all skin types. "By fall we're predicting that strawberry blondes will gravitate toward more golden tones and that gingery hues will want a deeper rich shade to keep hair looking shiny and fresh," says Napier.

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