Hair Care in Humid Climate

Humidity doesn't have to destroy your luscious locks.

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You might have the most beautiful hair in the world -- when it's not humid. But when it is, watch out! Fuzz, frizz and that unfortunate triangle head all rear up when the air's moisture content is high. If your hair is wavy or curly, you may feel like you stuck your finger in a light socket. If your hair is straight, you may feel like a wet dog. Either way, you're sticky. Take a few precautions against the ravages of humidity for hair that's shiny, manageable and ready for fun.


Go with the flow when you live somewhere humid. Curly girls don't need to subject their tresses to straightening trauma when the weather is just going to kink things back up. If you're straight-haired, the product required to hold a curl is just going to melt in your face. Rock your natural hair when it's humid. Not only is it easier, the confidence to be yourself is undeniably appealing.


You may be tempted to chop off your hair when sweat starts rolling down your neck. Leave your locks at a length you truly like. Reactionary haircuts rarely make anyone happy. Instead, talk to your stylist about how to take off extra weight and keep a little bounce in your strands. Many women, especially those with long, wavy hair, end up too heavy at the crown, leading to puffiness. A real pro can style you for any weather.


Some women forgo product altogether in the humidity. If your hair is straight or relatively smooth but wavy, avoid any extra heaviness. If you've got a lot of curl or if you've processed your hair a lot in the past, use a little anti-frizz product. Serums are sweet in the humidity, because you can put them on dry hair for touch-ups. A spray or leave-in conditioner right out of the shower makes hair more manageable, too.


When it's dripping humidity, it's way too easy to slick hair back in an elastic and focus on fanning yourself down. You can do better than that! Bobby pins and snap barrettes are your new best friends. Take advantage of the extra volume you get in the humidity to pin hair artfully off your face and neck. Then, if you need to snap it back into your old stand-by ponytail elastic, you've got a little visual interest highlighting your face.

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