Hair Braiding Extensions Instructions

A single piece of cardboard can help you braid your hair extensions.

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Lacking in luster? Craving some volume? If you want to add length and volume to your hair, you can with hair extensions. They offer women one of the fastest and easiest ways to give hair the boost they're looking for. You can even do lots of fun things with them, like braiding; you can create pretty, hippie-chic-styled braids in your extensions by following just a few basic techniques.


Get your first extension piece -- doesn't matter what order you go in, just make sure you have all of the pieces ready -- and clip it onto a piece of cardboard. Last night's takeout box? OK, just make sure you clean the sauce off first. You're not going for luxury here, just a basic setup so you can keep your hands free to braid the hair.


Set the cardboard flat on a ledge -- think your computer desk, vanity table, whatever; figure out what works -- and leave the edge with the extension on it hanging out loose over the side. Unless you've got it jerked upside down, the hair on the extension should fall straight down. Sit a door stopper -- or your loaded-up Gucci bag, whatever you can find with some weight to it -- on top of the cardboard to keep it in place. Now you're ready to get your braid on.


Section the hair on the extension into three even pieces. Start braiding at the top of the hair, by moving the left piece across the center to the right, then move the right piece across the center to the left. It's braiding circa third grade all over again. Now, just continue braiding down the length of the hair to the ends. Secure the braid with a hair tie and spray with a bit of hair spray. Finit! Braided and beautiful. You can repeat this on other extension pieces and then add them all into your hair wherever you want. Easy, but gorgeous; what more do you want?

Things You'll Need



3.Door stopper

5.Hair spray

2.Piece of cardboard

4.Hair tie


Tips & Tricks


With permanent or bonded hair extensions, you can still braid them. Braid either in single smaller sections and add as many as you like, or braid all of your hair together into a large single braid.

Add in colored extension pieces into the braid to add a shot of color and have fun with it.


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