A Guide for Cutting a Pixie Haircut at Home

Actress/model Emma Watson, seen here attending the GQ Men of the Year Awards, is one of the best when it comes to girls who rock the pixie cut.

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sometimes you just need a change, and this time it's in the form of a pixie haircut. The pixie cut is a closely cropped cut, a bit longer on top and around the sides and shorter at the back. Hey, you don't even have to check your wallet to see if you've got enough cash flow for the outing to the salon. With a basic pair of scissors and some clippers, you can cut your own strands and get the chic tapered style you're after.


Before you go anywhere near your locks with any sort of cutting utensil, brush through it to get rid of any tangles. Especially if your hair is quite long to start with, this just makes the whole cutting process a lot easier for you. For hair that's shoulder-length or past that, slip it into a ponytail with the elastic at the center back of your neck and cut just below the elastic to instantly take most of the length off your locks.


Use a pair of scissors to cut off a bit more length around the top and sides that is still left, even if you chopped off a lot of length in the ponytail. Don't go too close to your head, this is a job for clippers so you don't end up with a hack job haircut. Use sharp, not dull, scissors, so it's easy to cut through your hair, and you don't end up actually having to hack through your locks.


Use a No. 7 guard on your clippers to cut around the top and sides of your head. This leaves the hair in these areas slightly longer, which is what you want to achieve in an authentic pixie cut. Switch to a No. 5 guard to go over the hair near your bottom hairline at the nape of your neck, where you want the shortest hair. With a No. 6 clipper, go over all the hair between the crown of your head and the bottom section, to blend all the hair in nicely together.


A pixie cut you'd think would be easier than a longer cut, but it's actually more imperative with a close cut like this that you get it just right. Go too short and you'll look like you're emulating Demi Moore in G.I. Jane. Get the tapering wrong and it's more buzz cut than pixie pretty. Use a couple of mirrors, so you can see around your head and touch up any areas you missed to finish your foxy style.


A pixie cut only looks chic and stylish when it's kept up. This style requires a fair bit of maintenance because any time there are stray hairs around the nape of your neckline or your hair grows out a bit, you need to make a few trims and keep your style up. Expect to touch up your pretty pixie style once every three to four weeks.

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