How to Grow Longer Thicker Eyelashes Naturally

Long lashes like this can be had with a little help from castor or olive oil.

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No matter what her lashes look like, it seems as though every girl would like them to be longer. This is why lash-lengthening mascaras, false eyelashes, and lash extensions are perennial hot sellers in the beauty industry. You can just naturally grow your lashes longer, and not have to rely on heavy eye make-up or expensive procedures to get the flirty look.


Putting olive or castor oil on lashes should be done at bedtime so that the lashes have a chance to absorb the oil. Before using the oil, wash your face well to get any residue off your lashes.


Dip a cotton swab in olive oil or castor oil and stroke the swab up the length of your top lashes and then the bottom. You only need about five drops to get the job done. If you accidentally use more than that and your lashes leave oil on your cheeks when you blink, dab them with a tissue to soak up any excess moisture.


Leave the oil on overnight and rinse in the morning. You should start seeing subtle changes in your lashes in a few week's time and more noticeably longer thicker lashes by the sixth week.

Things You'll Need


1.Olive oil or castor oil


2.Cotton swab


Tips & Tricks


Be very careful when applying any kind of oil near your eye. If some gets in there, flush right away with cool water.


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