How Do I Grow My Hair Longer With Household Items?

You can have naturally long, beautiful hair.

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If the magazines and the drugstores had their way, you'd be spending your entire income on hair products. Luckily, you're smarter than that. Growing long, amazing hair isn't really that difficult; all you need are persistence and some basic supplies. The key is to treat your hair like a precious object: It's fragile and can break easily. If you hair breaks, it will never grow long, so you have to protect and strengthen your locks. Whatever your hair type, you can follow a simple maintenance routine and add a few basic ingredients to give your hair everything it needs.


Look closely at your hair. No, closer! If the ends look frayed, they're split and need to be trimmed off. It's difficult, so weep if you must, but it's necessary action to stop breakage.


Cut some shampoo sessions out of your schedule. The less you wash your hair, the less it'll dry out. Lather up once or twice per week if your hair is already dry. If you have oilier hair, shampoo every second day.


Condition your hair while it's still wet, and let it soak in for a few minutes before rinsing. Got very dry hair? Add molasses or honey, Honey, to your conditioner. You'll be adding ounces of shine.


Dry your hair gently, without rubbing. Stay away from blow dryers, hair irons or other hot, hot, hot styling tools. They stretch your hair and make it more breakable.


Wait until your hair is mostly dry before untangling your tangles. Don't be cruel! Comb it gently in sections with a wide-toothed comb, and don't over-brush.


Rub a small amount of coconut or olive oil into the palm of your hand, then work it into only the ends of your hair. Stay away from your scalp! Otherwise, you could wind up with an oily, stringy-looking mane--not a good look for anyone.


Tie your hair up before you work out to keep it from tangling. Use a gentle hair tie or a clip that doesn't pull your lovely locks too tight. You want to protect your hair, not stretch it even farther.

Things You'll Need


1.Sharp scissors


5.Moisturizing conditioner

7.Coconut or olive oil

9.Gentle hair tie or clip

2.Wide-toothed comb

4.Natural shampoo formulated for your hair type

6.Blackstrap molasses or honey

8.Stovetop or microwave


Tips & Tricks


Watch your diet. If you're not getting enough protein, iron and other vital nutrients, your hair will turn thin and weak.


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