Great Noncomedogenic Moisturizer for Extra Dry Skin

Noncomedogenic moisturizers keep your pores cleaner.

Photo: Ralf Nau/Lifesize/Getty Images

Don't let rough chemicals and winter winds blast the moisture out of your skin. The main cure you need to boast a dewy complexion is a noncomedogenic moisturizer. Noncomedogenic means it won't clog your pores, leaving your skin free to breathe without major flaking. Arm your moisturizer with an arsenal of uber-hydrating ingredients, then go out and rock that healthy glow!

Lock in Moisture

When you step out of the shower, your skin glistens with new moisture. Don't rub it away! Instead, pat yourself dry and lock in that moisture with a noncomedogenic moisturizer containing emollients, such as lanolin, shea butter or squalene -- a natural oil moisturizer and antioxidant. Petroleum jelly is especially effective for super-dry skin. These ingredients act as barriers that prevent your skin's moisture from evaporating into the air. Feel free to rub them on at other times too; they'll keep whatever moisture you have inside and on your skin, where it belongs.

Attract What's Good For You

Some moisturizers do more than just add their own moisture to your skin: they actually attract water droplets to your skin. Humectants such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid are the magic ingredients -- in a totally scientific way, of course. Rub them on and reap the rewards of a moisturizer that not only quenches your skin's thirst, but actually drinks in water, too.

Peel Away!

If you don't already exfoliate, look for a moisturizer with alpha hydroxy acids -- such as glycolic and lactic acids. They work like exfoliators by peeling away dead skin -- including those dry flakes that spring up when you least need them -- and bring fresh cells to the surface. The best part? These new cells are loaded with moisture. Just beware that these ingredients can be tough on sensitive skin, so limit usage to once a week or skip peels altogether if your skin isn't a fan.

A Few Tricks

If you want a double dose of hydration, apply a serum before your cream moisturizer. Serums feel light and breathable on your skin, with highly-concentrated hydrating ingredients. Your skin easily absorbs them -- and as soon as it does, layer on your other moisturizer to lock in that extra hydration. Don't be surprised when your skin thanks you with a fame-worthy glow.

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