Good Shirts to Wear to a Rush Concert

Fit in with the right shirt on the next Rush tour.

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There's a saying in the rock and roll world -- never wear a T-shirt to that band's show. This is true with some exceptions, so unless you want to be terminally uncool, the last thing you want to wear to a Rush concert is last year's Rush shirt. There are unspoken rules about which shirt to wear to what concert. Decipher those rules and you'll always look like an insider, no matter whose concert you go to.

Vintage Shirts

When it comes to old-school bands such as Rush, the concert T-shirt rules get changed a bit. Since Rush has been playing since 1968, there are decades' worth of vintage tees around. If you're lucky enough to own one of them, wear it proudly at their next concert. Make sure the shirt is at least 8 years old. This will show you're a true fan from 'way back, and not just a new follower.

Ironic Shirts

Choose a shirt with the totally opposite culture and style and wear it with great irony to earn many cool points. Search your local thrift store to find a Michael Bolton, Backstreet Boys or Celine Dion shirt. This tactic is risky if you don't have a lot of self-confidence. If you can pull it off, you'll be a trend-setter.

Same Genre Shirts

Go with a newer shirt, but stick with the same area of music. Don't wear an alternative band's shirt to a Rush concert. It's not unusual enough to be ironic; it's just jarring. Stick with a similar genre band instead, such as Primus, The Police or even Yes.

Obscure Band Shirts

If you're a fan of a local hard rock band, go with one of its shirts. The more obscure the band, the better. Like all concert tees, it will look better if it seems a little beat up and well-worn. Check thrift stores and vintage shops for old shirts from unknown bands for the ideal concert wear.

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