Good Red Hair Tones for Dark Skin

Rihanna rocks her red hair at the 2011 NBA All-Star game halftime show.

Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While not as tricky to pull off as blonde, red hair definitely has its own challenges, particularly for dark-skinned women. Due to the rich, deep tones in your skin, it is important that you know what shades of red compliment you best. Red is also a hair shade that has several different tone intensities, from bright red à la Rihanna, to a more subtle cinnamon tone that incorporates shades of auburn and gold.

Auburn Shines Bright

There are so many variations of red hair shades -- and most incorporate several other colors to achieve the finished product. One of the most flattering red hair tones for dark skin is a bright auburn shade. While not as drastic as bright red, auburn has beautiful elements of golden blonde tones that give it a kick. What makes it so appealing to dark skin is the obvious contrast; a brighter color naturally pops against a contrasting skin tone. An auburn shade is also a good way to ease into brighter colors such as bright red or honey blonde. The rich auburn color is also perfect for any time of the year, making it an extremely versatile choice for those that don't like to switch up their hair too frequently.

Cinnamon Bun

More subtle in its overall look, but still packing enough punch to fully be considered a member of the red hair family, the cinnamon hair color looks absolutely amazing on dark skin. It has a darker, richer tone than the brighter reds, but it is still a sizzling hot color that will turn heads. The cinnamon shade has elements of brown, red and a little burgundy, making for a shade that catches the light beautifully. However, if you are one to worry about how seasons correspond to hair colors, be aware that the cinnamon shade looks best during the colder months of the year when the color palette compliments.

Burgundy Bound

Mix a little violet, brown and red and you have the lush shade of burgundy that was made to be worn on dark skin. It is a wine-inspired style, the color of your favorite Cabernet. Being that the color is slightly lighter than your complexion, but not overtly so, makes this an ideal shade to highlight your gorgeous skin tone. Many women who have worn brown hair consider burgundy to be the next natural progression because it is quite easy to go from any shade of brown to a burgundy shade. Again, this color looks best when it's cooler out, so keep that in mind when heading to the salon for a bold, burgundy hue.

Big Red

Go big or go home. That's the case when you decide to rock a bright red hair color. Bright red, the color of a tomato or a crayon, may seem like a daunting hue to pull off, but the truth is that it looks amazing on dark skin. The extreme contrast between skin and hair can be beautiful and breathtaking. With a shade this striking, you need to have your confidence level at a 10 to successfully pull it off. Yes, people will look, but with the right level of confidence they will surely be staring with envy and admiration. This bright red shade is perfect when the temperatures rise and the sun is shining, so bask in your red hair glow.

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