Good Products to Fix Brassy Brown Hair

Color-depositing shampoos can prevent brunette brassiness.

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Have you ever gotten your hair colored and it just seems a little…off after you wash it a few times? One of the major color woes post-dying is having your hair turn brassy, which can happen to blondes and brunettes. Instead of being a true brunette/brown color, your hair looks reddish and a little bit like your grandmother’s old copper pot after it’s been left out a while. If that wasn’t the look you were going for, you can find products that take the brass out.

Color-Depositing Shampoo

Color-depositing shampoos can save brassy brunettes by depositing a bluish tinge to your hair. Instead of making your hair look blue, the blue color neutralizes the brassiness and makes your hair color look deeper and richer. This not only helps to cut back on the brassiness, it also can extend your time between stylist appointments. You may need to use it only once or twice a week, however, as using it too much can give your hair a bluish tint.

Shampoo and Conditioner

One of the reasons brunette hair starts to look brassy is that your color can fade with time, leaving red tones. In between color-depositing shampoo sessions, use a color-protecting shampoo. These shampoos are designed to keep hair color on your hair shaft -- not circling down your drain. They also tend to have moisturizing ingredients that leave your hair looking soft and shiny with less of a chance for brassiness.

Shower Water Filter

Another contributing factor to your brassy tones can be the water you are putting on your hair. Specifically, water that has high iron levels can make your hair look brassy. To avoid this, install a water filter over your shower head. The filter will help to keep iron out.

At-Home Toner

If you get brassy brunette tones, you can go back to your stylist, who can then apply what’s called a toner, which is essentially a semipermanent hair color to minimize brassiness. However, you also can buy an at-home dye to reduce hair brassiness. Look for a semipermanent hair color that is ammonia-free so it won’t damage your hair and that reduces brassiness.

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