Good Hairstyles for a Small, Thin Face


Your face shape determines many things in terms of beauty. It dictates your makeup and what hairstyle suits you best. For all you ladies who have a small, thin face, you want hairstyles that accentuate the delicate shape without overpowering the structure.


A pixie cut accentuates the definition and dainty shape of a small, thin face, giving it room to shine because there is little to no hair falling down and around the face. One of the best things about pixie cuts is that your styling time is cut in half, just finger comb and go. Quick tip: Frame your delicate features by having fun with your bangs in different styles and at varying angles of the face.


A bob is one of the oldest and most universally flattering hairstyles, so pairing it with your features should be no surprise. There are many variations of the bob to choose from, so with a small, thin face it all depends on your preference and how much of it you want to show. A short bob will give your small face more of the spotlight, while mid-length styles will frame your face and add a little mass. A long bob will offer length and balance to your features.

Long Waves

Long hair is fabulous for your look because it adds length and definition. Super-straight strands don't add much pizzazz to a small face, but long hair in soft waves creates a subtle element of drama and femininity to successfully make your understated facial structure stand out. Whether you choose to use a curling iron to create your waves or simply twist your damp tresses, set and then unravel, your long waves should always look effortless and not too sculpted.

Sleek Ponytail

The hairstyle that works for every occasion and hair type, a sleek ponytail is the perfect backdrop to highlight a small, thin face. The reason that a sleek ponytail style works so well is because all of your hair is away from your face, which in turn accentuates its dainty shape. There are hundreds of variations on the classic ponytail, but a sleek one should be perfectly smooth and straight, with no extra flourishes. Quick tip: Ponytails in the middle of the head or resting at the nape look best for a chic yet casual look.

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