Good Hairstyles for Petite Women

Actress Emma Watson's delicate features and petite frame are perfect for a pixie cut.

Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A feminine, compact figure is one of the great advantages of being a petite women, but you may wonder how to best showcase your hair. The wrong hairstyle can make it look like you're 11 years old or masquerading in your mother's clothes. But good hairstyles complement your dainty neck, delicate bones and smaller size. Reviewing possible hairstyles that work well for petite women may help you choose the right look for your facial structure and lifestyle.


If you're daring, try a playful pixie cut, which helps elongate the body while emphasizing your tiny size. Be careful to pair pixie cuts with form-fitting, feminine clothing so that no one mistakes you for a small girl or (teenage boy). If you worry that parts your face are too big -- the nose, for example -- steer clear of the pixie cut, since this hairstyle will draw extra attention to your supposed imperfections. Petite women also shine with haircuts sweeping their chin or shoulder, drawing attention to these delicate features. Subtle layers will draw attention to the facial features you feel most confident about. This also works especially well with petite women with larger body frames, since pixie cuts can create an unwanted "pinhead" effect.


You can never go wrong with sleek, straight hair, no matter what your body type, so feel free to keep it loose and shiny. Gentle waves look glamorous on petite women, especially when paired with a shorter hairstyle for a vintage Hollywood feel. Short doesn't have to mean "sweet"; add some edge to your hairstyle by going for slightly punky spikes. This adds some mysterious contrast when paired with feminine floral dresses or softer colors. A dab of mousse helps add subtle spikes for a playful "bed head" look; sculpting gel makes you look more ferociously feminine.


We love taking fashion cues from celebrities. If you're a petite woman, look to stars like Winona Ryder or Victoria Beckham for ideas on good hairstyles for smaller gals.


Petite women should avoid haircuts barely grazing their skull. While this may work for tall, statuesque women, it has the unfortunate effect of making the head look too big for the body in petite women. You'll also want to avoid overly long hair dangling over your face; too much hair can overwhelm a petite woman's frame. While gently waved hair can be alluring on a petite woman, tight springy curls appear too childlike and juvenile. The same goes for cutesy barrettes and hair bows.

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