What Is a Good Haircut for People With a Round Face?


It may not seem like it, but the shape of your face is just as important to your overall look as your makeup. Embrace the fierce shape of your face, and work it as only you know how. The right makeup, hair color, clothing necklines and hairstyles are crucial complements to your face shape. For all you fabulous ladies with round faces: While your shape inspires warmth and smiles, it lacks angles and definition. However, the right haircut can change all that.

About Round Faces

A round face is just as it sounds: a lovely circular shape that is void of any prominent structure or pronounced angles. So when choosing a hairstyle, round faced ladies should create the illusion of length (versus width) and height at the crown for balance. Avoid any haircut that stops at the cheeks or chin because it makes these already full areas appear even wider than they are. Round faces also benefit from extremes in length; super short cuts and long strands look good because they add length and definition.


Arguably the best short haircut for women with round faces is the adorable pixie cut. Due to its severely short length, a pixie is for women who are brave, daring and want to show off their faces. This hairstyle works for a round face because it falls at or above the ears rather than around the cheeks or chin (which are the widest points) and you can create varying levels of height at the crown to add length to the face. Quick tip: Your round face looks lovely with wispy, side-swept bangs, so incorporate them into your pixie cut.

Long Bob

Bobs are one of the trickiest haircuts for a woman with a round face because so many styles stop right at the cheek or chin, which are the widest areas of a round face. However, all is not lost when it comes to bobs for round faces; you just have to know what length works for you. Stick to long bobs -- those that fall at the middle of the neck or dust the collarbone -- because they draw the eye downward, creating the illusion of length. Quick tip: Incorporate a middle part into your long bob because it makes your round face a bit more oval looking.

Layered Shag

There are many versions of the shag, and each achieves something different. With a round face, your shag should have lots of height at the crown and longer layers around the face to complement its circular structure. While the back of the hair is the showstopper of a layered shag, those with round faces should be more concerned with the front and the top because they frame the face. Your longest layer should stop below the chin, while the shortest should be between 2 to 2 1/2 inches.

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