Good Hair Length for Square Faces


A strong facial structure is a strikingly beautiful thing, as all you ladies with square faces are well aware of. The sharp angles and contours of a square face make it ideal to display through flattering hairstyles that highlight the best, while camouflaging the wider areas. The right hairstyle begins with the proper length, and as a lady with a square face, it's essential that you know the right length to make your face and hair look their best.

Mid-Length Bob

For a square face, a bob can be a tricky style to pull off because many variations of the cut either stop at the chin or above, which is totally wrong for the strong jawline and prominent chin of a square face. However, there is one particular bob style that looks hot with the angles of a square face, and that's a flattering and versatile mid-length style. A mid-length bob on a square face should fall at least an inch below the chin or dusting the collarbone. This way, the bob instantly softens the full lower half of the face instead of making it appear larger.

Long Layers

Layers are one of the best friends of a square-shaped face because the cascading cut falls around the wide, strong facial structure, which adds softness and proportion. Long hair works well with a square face because it lengthens the face, which otherwise can appear heavy with a square structure. When you throw layers into the mix of long hair, the result is a square face that is complemented by hair instead of weighed down by it. Quick tip: avoid blunt bangs that are cut straight across the forehead because they make your face look bigger.

Short Pixie

Extreme bone structure calls for an extreme haircut, which is why a short, flirty pixie haircut looks so fierce on a square-shaped face. With a hairstyle this short, there is no hiding, making it ideal to flaunt the strong contours and angles of a square face. Pixie cuts vary in length a bit, with some stopping above the ear, and some ending below. The choice is yours as to just how short you want to go. Just keep your bangs wispy and swept to the side because that's the most flattering to your wide forehead.

Loose Waves Any Length

Despite curly hairstyles providing extra mass and bulk to your face, they actually can work with the wideness of a square face as long as the curl pattern is correct. Avoid thick spiral curls that are heavily structured, and instead opt for loose waves that look effortless and chic. Loose waves in any length expertly flatter your square face because of their minimal thickness and the way that they fall away from the face instead into it. Quick tip: feel free to experiment with the part in your hair by incorporating a middle or side part.

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