What Is a Good Exfoliating Scrub for the Bikini Area?

Look smooth and clean by exfoliating aournd your bikini lines.

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When the extremely thin top layer of your skin is not properly exfoliated, the cells can move under the skin and form a cyst. Those little bumps on your shoulders, face or bikini area usually aren’t life threatening, although they can lead to cancer. It’s a really good idea to help your skin with a gentle rubbing or by using a mild exfoliating scrub to ensure those dead skin cells slough off the way they’re supposed to.


Washcloths made of terry cloth are designed specifically to be a little rough so that they exfoliate as you rub your skin. According to "Seventeen," you should lather up a washcloth with a creamy soap and use it to rub the creases of your leg and around the skin that peeks out of your bathing suit to break the dead skin loose. Gently scrubbing with a washcloth is particularly beneficial to keep the area smooth between shaves.


You may be tempted to add a little roughness to your scrubbing with a loofah, but the doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center advise against the practice. Loofahs and sea sponges provide a really nice house for bacteria to live and thrive, and you don’t want any nasty infections around your precious private parts. Other ingredients you want to stay away from include any products that contain apricot or walnut seeds. Even when the seeds are pulverized, they can scratch your tender skin and leave you open for infections.


Exfoliating scrubs that contain glycolic or salicylic acid, or alpha hydroxy acids help to unclog your pores to loosen up the hair before your shave. You can actually use the same products for your bikini area that you use to treat acne and skin damage on your face. The skin is very similar and sensitive. The doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center recommend BioMedic exfoliating scrubs or Avon’s Anew Intensive Treatment. You just apply a little of the cream on your bikini area and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse. The chemicals in the cream do the exfoliating for you.


At "Marie Claire," they like products that are soothing and gentle on the sensitive skin, yet strong enough to smooth away the coarse skin in which that stubborn stubble resides. Among the editors’ favorites is Nair Hair Remover Exfoliator with microbeads. It takes away the hair, moisturizes your skin and sloughs off a layer of dead skin all at the same time. Even the doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center like products that contain microbeads because the material is easy on the skin and won’t scratch or cut you.

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