Good Deoderant to Use for Excessive Sweating & Odor

Apply antiperspirant to dry skin to stop sweating.

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Sweating like a pig is one thing when you’re busting your butt in spin class or out for a jog; it’s an entirely different situation when you’re just going about your normal day. Matthew McConaughey may still look sexy with pit stains, but that look doesn’t work on us ladies. Excessive sweating coupled with bad body odor is an embarrassing combination that no girl should have to live with. With the right products, you can wear those tight baby Tees and chest-hugging sweaters with confidence, knowing there’s nothing to see -- or smell -- under your arms.

Antiperspirant Basics

When you suffer from excessive sweating, you can’t just reach for the cheapest deodorant off the drugstore shelf. In fact, you should be reaching for antiperspirant, which is different from a deodorant. Antiperspirant is what prevents those embarrassing pit stains by creating a temporary block in the sweat ducts so the sweat doesn’t reach the surface of the skin for all to see. Make sure your underarms are completely dry before you apply the antiperspirant. Don’t be afraid to bust out the blow dryer and give your underarms a blast of air.

Advanced Antiperspirant

If you’ve tried a regular antiperspirant and you still have to hide the sweat under baggy clothes, it’s time to turn your eyes to the top shelf of the deodorant aisle and check out the prescription-strength products. These antiperspirants have a higher level of aluminum chloride hexahydrate, which blocks sweat. Always apply this antiperspirant at night, and never right after a shower because the product can burn freshly shaven skin. Some products also stain clothing, so stick to your ratty-tatty PJs when you use it.

Backup Deodorant

A deodorant doesn’t stop you from sweating. It’s more like an air freshener for your pits. It deodorizes your underarms, fighting bacteria and masking those unwanted odors. Hopefully you won’t need to worry about odor once you find the right antiperspirant, but until then, it’s better to be safe than smelly and sorry. Pick your favorite scent, roll it on in the morning, and continue to apply an antiperspirant at night.

Lifestyle Tips

Switching antiperspirants isn’t the only thing you can do to stop sweat and odor. Swap out your favorite body wash for an antiperspirant soap and pay special attention to washing your underarms. Sweat can ruin your favorite blouse, so use dress shield pads on your underarms and pick your tops wisely. Until you get the sweating under control, stick with looser fitting fabrics that breathe. Diet can also cause perspiration. Try easing up on the caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol. If your underarms refuse to stay dry or you experience excessive sweating elsewhere on your body, talk to your doctor as you may have a medical condition called hyperhidrosis.

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