Good Colors to Wear for Someone With Light Skin, Hazel Eyes & Brown Hair

Wear navy blue to bring out highlights in your brown hair.

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For women of color with hazel eyes and brown hair, the kind of colors you wear against your skin can wash you out and make you look tired and old or make your energy and your warm light-colored skin tone pop. Usually you know it when you look in the mirror, or at least when you show up in public and hear remarks like, "Haven't been sleeping well, dear?" Lighting plays a big role in how you see yourself in certain colors, too. Rarely can you replicate the lighting under which you'll spend your days or evenings, so stick with those tried and true colors that work with your light skin and hair.

Stay Warm

If your hair, eyes and skin are very close in color tone, you need to stay away from really harsh colors like red that can totally drown out your character and presence. You can play off your hazel eyes and brown hair with warm earthtones that come close to matching your lovely multi-ethnic skin tones. When you're looking for something a little more dramatic to make a statement, go for a deep burgundy outfit. Beige and orange are good colors that keep your spirit alive and glowing as well.

Be Bold

Accent your warm skin tones and eye and hair coloring with outfits in dark chocolate brown or gold. Wear the rich bold earth tones close to your face in sweaters and jackets that complement your natural colors. Gold brings out the sparkle in your hazel eyes and also is a pleasing complement if you have any gold or caramel highlights in your brown hair. A deep brown evening dress with glittery gold jewels will make you the center of attention at any gala. Gold and brown are earthy accents that add depth to your warm skin tones, accentuate the various colors that play off your hair under lights and give your eyes a little sparkle.

Variations of White

Stark white can drown out your natural hues and cast a pall over your entire demeanor and usually are best suited for women with cool skin tones and dark hair and eyes. Stick instead with outfits that lean more towards the off-white hues and toned-down pearly whites to blend and attractively accent your warm caramel tones. Off-white tops, jackets and dresses provide a stunning background for shoulder-length brown hair while adding subtle accents to your already light skin. Off-white coats may be difficult to keep clean but surely accentuate your beautiful skin, hair and eyes. Top your winter ensemble off with a little off-white beret or white fur cap.


If you're in the mood to carry a light feminine look, go for pastels. Light blue, pink and yellow complement your own light coloring. Pair a pink blouse with a burgundy suit to tone down your image and come across a little softer than you might if you wore an off-white blouse under your power suit. Fill your summer wardrobe with pastel tops and summer dresses. As your skin darkens a little in the summer, the pastels will sparkle even more.

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