Good Colors for Warm Skin Tones

Women with warm skin tones shine in gold.

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Women with warm skin tones typically have yellow, peach, red or golden undertones to their skin. They often have dark eyes, typically brown, hazel or black. However, their hair color may range from blond and strawberry blond to auburn, red, brown and black. Using the wrong colors can make yellow and golden skin tones look sallow, but complementing your warm skin tone with the right fashion choices can give you a beautiful glow.

Match Your Undertones

One of the simplest ways to dress in colors that work well with warm skin tones is to match your skin's undertones. Remove all your makeup. Place a white towel under your face and look at yourself in a mirror under bright light. Whatever skin tones stand out to you, be they peach or rose, will make good fashion choices. Contrasting a warm skin tone with cool colors sometimes drains the color from your complexion.

Complementary Colors

Most people like to mix and match colors in an outfit. You can do the same trick when dressing to highlight your warm skin tone. Have fun mixing outfits or accessorizing with complementary colors. For example, you can complement red skin undertones with green clothing. Pale yellow or golden undertones shine next to a warm, red-based purple or fuchsia.


Neutral hues, while less dramatic than colorful clothing, also have an impact on the appearance of a warm complexion. As a general rule, wear white to emphasize color, be it your skin tone, your hair color or the other clothing you wear. Use black to subtract color and gray to neutralize surrounding colors. Metallic shades of gold, bronze and copper give neutral outfits radiance.

Rainbow of Choices

No color is completely off limits to you when you have a warm skin tone. Just pick hues, intensities and color combinations to make the most of your look. While lime green may create a sallow look near your face, for example, it works fine as a pair of slingbacks balanced by a white outfit. If you want to wear green on top, aim for olive or sage and complement it with earth tones. Pinkish red hues may look too brassy, but brick red and burnt orange bring on the drama. If you feel blue about not rocking Caribbean blue, try a bright navy blue.

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