Good Colors for People With Brown Hair, Blue Eyes & Fair Skin

Work your fair complexion and brunette hair with striking color pallettes.

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some of the most beautiful women have a fair complexion with vibrant blue eyes and brown hair--we only have to look at Natalie Imbruglia, Alexis Biedel and Zooey Deschanel to see this. For darker shades, Courtney Cox and Liv Tyler are also great style icons for you Snow White beauties. However, making sure your skin doesn't look washed out can be a pain when choosing the perfect makeup or clothes. Getting the right colors is essential for making the most of your natural tones and emphasizing your beauty.

Reds, Greens and Blues--but No Yellows

Reds, greens and blues look great on women with fair complexions. Lapis lazuli--a royal blue shade--really compliments the color of your eyes, making them sparkle that extra bit more. Greens in emerald and mint shades make a pale skin tone look healthy and vitalized, while pale shades like yellow can leave fair skin looking lackluster. For a glamorous evening look, red is the perfect color, creating a stunning contrast to your light complexion and brunette hair.

Browns and Golds

Although black suits most women, brown shades can sometimes be an even better option for pale skin. Bags under eyes are often more visible on fair complexions, and black clothing often emphasizes this problem. Browns, however, provide a more natural look, and don't create such a bold contrast to your skin. Incidentally, brown also matches your brunette locks. Gold shades work in the same way, adding a healthy tone to match your peachy looks.

Color Your Makeup

Liv Tyler provides a great example of how red lipstick works wonders for pale skin tones. Tomato red shades are best, but should be limited to the evening as the look is fairly dramatic. A rosy pink blusher on the apples of your cheeks is great for winter to add a warming look to your skin tone. For summer a non-sparkling bronzer works best for adding a hint of tan that will really bring out the tones of your brunette hair. Brown and golden shades are great for bringing out the intensity of your blue eyes, and with a hint of mascara you'll rock a look that's great for both night and daytime.

The Right Accessories

Luckily for you, both silver and gold jewellery suit your coloring. Gold brings out the shimmer in your brown hair while silver reflects the icy tones of your blue eyes. Therefore, silver earrings work great for daytime looks as they emphasize your eyes, while gold necklaces work well for the evening for a more glamorous look.

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