Going From a Pixie Cut to a Short Bob


Your trusty pixie cut has been with you for a while, and now you feel the need to transform. The sharp, clean lines of a short bob seem inviting, but getting your hair from one style to the other sounds impossible. Going from a pixie cut to a short bob is possible, but it takes patience and a sense of humor to get you through a few awkward weeks as your hair grows out.

What to Do

Definitely grow out your pixie cut under the watchful eye of a hairstylist. If you just let your hair grow all over, you’ll end up with a shaggy mane of hair that you won’t be able to style. Chances are that you’ll start off by growing out your hair all over for a few weeks, after which the stylist will trim everything back except the longer top layers. As those grow longer, the stylist will trim less and less, letting the hair on the sides of your head start to grow as the upper layers meet with them. Eventually, your hair will start to resemble a very short bob.

When in Limbo

As you grow out the multitude of layers of a pixie cut, you will go through an awkward stage -- but that doesn’t mean you actually have to look awkward. Push your hair back with a large scarf or tuck it under a hat or wig. Ask the stylist if there’s a way to sculpt or angle the hair coming down so that you look less like a mushroom as it grows past your ears. Spend a day playing around and seeing what it looks like slicked back, held back by a hair band or temporarily curled. Remember that this stage won’t last forever, and you need camouflage techniques for only a few weeks.

Harrowing Hairlines

Once you grow out the cut to the bob you’ve been dreaming of, take a look at the neck hairline in back. You probably already have an idea of how high, low, neat or messy yours is, but now with your hair in back hanging down toward your neck, you want to see whether or not you have a little ledge of hair peeking out from under the bob and ruining the clean lines you envisioned when planning your new style. If it looks fine to you, congrats on reaching the end of your growing-out saga. If not, no fear -- you can always shave off straggler hairs or grow out the bob just a little bit to make it cover the hairline.


Other than taking care of a scraggly hairline, be extremely careful about trimming anything else yourself without talking to the stylist first. If you don’t have a steady hand, you risk cutting divots into the line of growing hair. Should the stylist say you can trim the sides or cut this or that, have her show you how and let you try as she watches to ensure that you’ll know what you’re doing later on.

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