How to Glue Stones on Shoes

Don't be afraid to rock a bejeweled sandal.

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Tired of the same old plain Jane tennis shoes, ballet flats and heels? Spice them up with some glitzy faux gem stones. Adding gem stones can take your feet from flat to fabulous. Glammed out shoes will also add a little sass to a T-shirt and jeans combo. Or be the perfect complement to a cute frock. They're also very popular for weddings. Don't shell out major dough for bedazzled shoes when you can add gem stones yourself.


Clean your shoes. Not only is a clean shoe way easier to work with, but glam and dirty just don't mix.


Arrange the rhinestones in a pretty formation on your shoe. Make sure the shoe is sitting on a flat surface. If you're adding stones to the whole shoe, start with the top and then work your way around, making sure each section is dry before you move on to the next section. If you have clumsy fingers, try using the tweezers to arrange and rearrange the stones.


Squeeze a large dollop of epoxy onto a piece of tin foil. This will be the glue you will work with.


Lift each stone with your tweezers and use a toothpick to carefully place a small dot of epoxy in the spot where the stone was. Don a pair of plastic gloves to ensure you don't ruin that new mani with glue.


Stick the stone on the drop of glue. Repeat for each stone, on both shoes.


Let your dazzling new shoes dry for a few hours before showing them off.

Things You'll Need


1.Flat backed rhinestones or gem stones

3.Tin foil

5.Plastic gloves

2.2-ton epoxy glue



Tips & Tricks


Canvas, leather or faux leather shoes work best for this project.

Don't use too much glue for each stone. It will squeeze out the sides and make your shoes look messy.

If you decide not to wear plastic gloves, be careful not to get the epoxy glue on your fingers. If you do get epoxy on your hands, don't touch anything. Soak your hand in warm water to get the glue off.


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