Gloves That Cover Wrists

Actress Lucy Liu keeps warm with gloves that cover her dainty wrists.

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just like hairstyles, inseams and skirt hems, ladies’ gloves are available in a range of lengths -- from wrist length to shoulder length and everywhere in between. Longer lengths are typically reserved for weddings and winter formals, while winter gloves usually end at the wrist or forearm. But gloves that cover the wrists are both fashionable and functional -- keeping your supple skin warm and cozy.

Winter Wardrobe

In fashion terms, there is no “proper length” for a winter glove. Obviously, you won’t want to rock a pair of wrist-length gloves with a short-sleeved shirt -- but you don’t really have to worry about this, since you’ll likely be wearing a long-sleeved coat. Practically, though, longer lengths can keep you warmer in the frigid temperatures. Since coat and shirt sleeves have a tendency to ride up the arms, long gloves can help bridge the bare skin barrier.

Formal Events

For formal events, the length of your gloves should complement the length of your sleeves. As a simple rule, the shorter your sleeves, the longer your gloves. While sleeveless gowns go with gloves that extend to the upper arms, cap sleeves call for elbow-length gloves. You should wear shorter gloves only with longer sleeves that fit tight against your arms.

Wrist/Arm Warmers

If you like the idea of long winter gloves -- but can’t quite commit to a pair -- consider wearing arm or wrist warmers instead. These fashionably functional sleeves are available in solid colors, playful prints and a variety of fabrics. While some styles end at the wrist, others extend over the hand while keeping the fingers free. Short sleeves end a few inches past the wrist, while longer sleeves incubate your arms up to the elbows.

Cold Urticaria

Although it may seem like a made-up malady, cold urticaria -- an allergy to cold temperatures -- is actually quite real. If you’re affected by this unusual allergy, you likely experience a physical reaction when exposed to cold temperatures. Typically, the reaction involves an itchy red rash and localized swelling of the extremities. Although the symptoms typically aren’t dangerous, red hives certainly aren’t on the list of current fashion trends. If your sleeves don’t extend all the way to your wrists, a pair of long gloves can help keep the delicate skin on your wrists free of those hellish hives.

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