How to Do Glitter Eye Makeup

Learn how to dazzle with eye glitter makeup.

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Glitter is a great way to add a double dose of fabulousity to your eye makeup. Whether you're on your way out to party it up or if you just want to dazzle, a little or a lot of shimmer is the perfect way to keep all eyes on you. But wearing glitter eye makeup takes skill. Put too much on or apply it the wrong way and you'll risk looking more like a glam rock reject than a young woman with major beauty and style.


Pick your glitter of choice. Glitter comes in a variety of different shades so have fun and play around with it to find which ones work and which don't. When it comes to silver and gold, women with cool skin tones should go for glitters that are silver while women with warmer skin look best in gold.


Take off your top.Glitter is super messy and getting those shimmering flecks all over your clothes will seriously mess with your zen. Either apply your makeup topless or put a towel around your shoulders.


Start with a clean canvas by washing your face first. After patting your skin dry with a soft towel apply a flesh toned primer on one eyelid. A primer is a great way to prep your skin and get your glitter to stick wear you put it. No primer? No problem, a cream eye shadow over your entire lid works just as well and really takes your glitter to another level. Pick a color that's the same tone as your glitter for a major slam of glam.


Dip your eyeshadow brush into your glitter immediately after applying the primer or cream shadow. Tap, shake or blow any excess accumulation of glitter off your brush (a little goes a long way so don't over-do it). Don't waste time doing other things before you add your glitter. That phone call can wait, but your primer or shadow will dry on you if you delay.


Look into a magnified mirror and close the eye with the primer (or shadow). Pat the glitter onto your eyelid (resist the urge to sweep it across -- patting gives you more control) with your brush. Use gentle pressure as you press it so that it will really cling on the damp base beneath. Work your way from the inner corner out.


Move to your other eye (that means opening the eye you just finished and closing the other one) and prep it with the primer or shadow, just like you did with your first eye. Again dip your brush into the glitter, shake off the excess and pat it across your eyelid.


Add your mascara and eyeliner after you've finished applying glitter to your satisfaction. Take a look in the mirror at your diva-licious eye makeup and check for perfection. If it seems uneven or if you've missed an area, add more glitter as needed.

Things You'll Need



3.Cream-based eyeshadow

5.Magnifying mirror


2.Eye shadow primer

4.Applicator brush



Tips & Tricks


Don't go into glitter overkill. When glamming it up with the eyes don't wear lipstick or blush that has a glitter to it.

If your primer or shadow dries before your able to apply the glitter, simply dampen your applicator brush slightly before dipping it into the glitter.

Rock a smokey eye by adding glitter over your black shadow.


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