How to Give Skin Color to a Scar

Top concealer with powder for stay-put coverage.

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Scar's fade, but that takes a while, and till they do, you definitely don't need to go around looking like Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Whether you've got an acne scar, a burn scar or a cat scratch scar, the trick to scar camouflage is finding a product that looks natural but gives adequate coverage then holding the makeup in place. Practice at home in front of the mirror till you pick up speed and confidence to know you've got it covered.


Pick the right product to help your scar match skin tone. Reddish acne scars fade into skin when covered with green concealer, notes Skincare News. Body scars benefit from a body or leg concealer, which is lightweight but still gives coverage. If you have small face scars, a concealer or a foundation that matches your skin tone should do the trick.


Wash the area with warm water and soap. Everything works best with a clean slate. Gently pat the area dry with a towel and you're ready to begin.


Moisturize to even out the skin tone and prep the skin with an all-over base for your makeup.


Apply concealer to the scar tissue, using the right concealer to hide your problem area. Use only as much as you need; too much can stick out, giving you unwanted attention.


Check yourself out in the mirror. If you still see scars, go for a bit more makeup. If you're fully covered, congrats and onto the next step!


Apply the rest of your makeup, covering concealer with foundation, doing your eyes or adding blush. Just put your face on like you normally do, whatever's natural to you. If your scar's not on your face, move to the next step.


Finish with a powder to set your concealer, which prevents it from smudging.

Things You'll Need


1.Scar-covering makeup




4.Makeup brush (optional)


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