How to Take Fuzz Off of a Sweatshirt

Keep your sweatshirt looking sexy by getting rid of the fuzz.

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Sweatshirts that have fuzz all over them look like a hot mess. Not only do they seem old and worn, but wearing them also dumbs down your look, making it seem that you really don't care about your appearance, which totally isn't true. Fashion-savvy stylistas like you know the quality of your clothing is a reflection on you, and sometimes you need to do a bit of upkeep on your clothing to keep it up to par. With a few simple techniques, you can likely get your sweatshirt looking like new again.


Turn your sweatshirt inside out and toss it in the washing machine. This clever little trick typically removes the fuzz balls and keeps them from getting all over everything else in the load. This trick is also helpful when washing your sweatshirts for the first time, as they normally enjoy sharing the fuzz love with other clothing in the load.


Rub a sweater-shaver over your sweatshirt. This nifty gadget is fitted with blades that remove fuzz and pills -- broken off pieces of fabric -- from your shirt and other pieces of clothing. Run the shaver back and forth over the sweatshirt, and the fuzz balls should take a hike.


Scrub the fuzz away with a sponge. The rough side of a dry sponge is often effective in removing fuzz balls from sweatshirts. Rub the sponge back and forth over the sweatshirt, but take care not to snag the fabric by pushing the sponge down too hard. Remove the fuzz as it collects on the sponge.


Run a disposable razor over your sweatshirt. The blades in this handy tool slice the balls away from the sweatshirt, removing them in the process. Be careful not to cut the fabric with the shaver by not going too deep on the fabric, or you'll have a bigger problem with your sweatshirt than just fuzz balls.


Remove a strip of masking tape from the roll and press it on your fuzzy shirt. Pick the tape up and you should have an abundance of the balls on the tape. Continue this same treatment throughout your entire shirt, replacing the strip of tape each time it fills with fuzz. Although this treatment is often effective and safe on your shirt, it can take up a lot of time.

Things You'll Need


1.Washing machine

3.Dry sponge with abrasive side

5.Masking tape

2.Sweater shaver

4.Disposable razor


Tips & Tricks


Skip throwing your clothes in the dryer; hang them up instead. Doing so helps to prevent fuzz formation.


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