Fun Things to Do With Rubber Bracelets


Yellow rubber bracelets once adorned the arms of Lance Armstrong fans everywhere. Even though that trend faded, rubber bracelets still hold a place in the jewelry boxes or dresser drawers of many fashionable ladies. Instead of letting your rubber bracelets linger in storage, let them have some fun. Spice up your accessories and add one or more of these colorful gems, or somehow cross-purpose them to meet a need.

Getting a Grip

Rather than struggle with tightly closed jars in your kitchen, keep a few rubber bracelets handy to use as nifty openers. Simply stretch the rubberized circle outward and fit it around the rim of the jar lid. When you grasp the lid, the rubber bracelet gives you a grip that out-rivals barehanded attempts. With rubber bracelets, jar lids swiftly pop open with little or no struggle.

Fun Fashion Accessory

For fashion lovers who live to coordinate fun accessories with their outfits, colorful rubber bracelets offer exciting possibilities. For instance, if you don a vibrant purple and gold outfit, add a purple or gold rubber bracelet for a punch of color. Or stack purple and gold rubber bracelets on one arm for visual impact. To create a carefree and quirky vibe, stack a rainbow of rubber bracelets on your arm.

Colorful Protection Device

With the glut of phone accessories on the market, finding a product that meets your needs proves simple, but often expensive. Instead of plunking down a hefty amount of your precious money for a bumper for your smartphone, put the stretch on one of your rubber bracelets to see if it will double as a bumper. If it does, you and your wallet benefit.

Personal Messages

Custom order a few rubber bracelets with fun personal messages such as "Shoe Diva" or "Fearless Female." If you need some extra oomph each day, give your messages a motivational spin such as, "Keep Your Chin Up" or "Always Look for a Silver Lining." Wear the rubber bracelets to remind you to stay positive or to take pride in who you are.

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