How to Get a Fuller, Thicker Hairline

Take it short like Halle Berry to hide a thin hairline and add lots of texture.

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When you look at your hair in the mirror, your bangs grab your attention first -- or your hairline if you don't wear bangs. If the front of your hair is jacked up, the rest can be as pretty and gorgeous as a rose garden in full bloom and you won't see it. All you'll be able to see is the mess in the front. Thin bangs, bald spots along the hairline and breakage are common problems among younger women; baldness is not. So you're probably not losing your hair-- you just have to learn how to take care of it.


Fine, thin hair types always look thin and puny in the front. If you have thin hair, crop it -- like Halle Berry. This fun, short, textured crop takes all the emphasis off of a thin hairline. The textured bangs camouflage hairline problems like a high forehead, breakage, bald spots, widow's peak and barely-there bangs. Once they're textured, your bangs will look thick, even if you only have a few hairs up there.


Not brave enough to crop? Well, opt for a different style then. Don't wear your hair away from your face if you're concerned about your hairline. Add some bangs and pull them down over your forehead to hide any problems.


Don't relax or color for a while. Relaxers and dye are notorious for breaking hair off in the front, especially if you use both. Give your hair a rest so it can have a fighting chance to grow back. Once it starts taking hold, don't start layering on the chemicals again. Only relax and color when it's safe to do so.


Take those braids, bands and doodads out of your hair. They cause breakage, and the tension they create can cause temporary baldness at the hairline in women. If you must use accessories, make sure they're loose. You should not feel the hair tugging at your scalp. If you do, your hair's wound too tight.


Shampoo and condition with thickening formulas. Most hair-product lines carry such an option. Pick your favorite brand and go with it.


Dry volume into your hair with help from a little bit of volumizing spray. Avoid gels, mousses and heavy creams around your front hairline; they will weigh your hair down. Opt for a lighter spray and blow your roots straight out from your scalp.


Roughen up your style with a little bit of styling paste or texturizing cream before you spray it into place. The texture will add definition and volume, taking the emphasis off your hairline. These types of products also make hair appear thicker.

Things You'll Need


1.Thickening shampoo and conditioner

3.Blow dryer

2.Volumizing spray

4.Hair paste, putty or texturizing cream


Tips & Tricks


If you have new bald spots or if your hair has thinned out quickly and dramatically and you don't know why, talk to your doctor. Some forms of hair loss have medical causes and require treatment.


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