Full Weave Vs. Partial Weave

A partial weave may be best for a half-up style like Ashanti's.

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Trying to choose between hair extensions, lace-fronts, glued-in weaves, and sewn-in weaves is enough to drive any girl who desires longer, thicker locks crazy. Add in the distinction between "full" weaves and "partial" weaves, and you're likely to be more confused about the weaving process than ever before. Fortunately, gals looking to extend their locks can make a decision between a full and partial weave with just a few simple considerations.

About Full Weaves

The first thing your stylist may ask you is how much of your own hair you wish to leave out for your weave. If you don't want to leave any of your own hair out, then you would be asking your stylist for a full weave. With a full weave, your stylist braids all of your own hair underneath the weave. She may leave a very small amount of hair out around your edges, though, so that you can pull your hair into a low ponytail if you want later. Or, she may leave just enough to cover the braided tracks at the top of your head, which may give you a more natural look.

About Partial Weaves

A partial weave means that your stylist will leave a greater portion of your hair out. If you want the majority of your own hair out, then your stylist may braid about four tracks going from left to right beginning at the bottom of your head and working her way up. About half of your natural hair will be left out with this type of partial weave. Or, your stylist may just braid the center of your hair, leaving a large portion of the edges, back and top out for a partial weave. Ask your stylist what she considers a "partial" weave, though, to make sure you get the style you want.

Full Weave Pros and Cons

Full weaves are great for gals who want to give all of their natural hair a break from damaging styling. They are also perfect for women who don't want to worry about styling their hair, especially if you are on vacation or will be swimming or sweating a lot. While full weaves are super low-maintenance, they may not look as natural as partial weaves, and may give a wig-type look, depending on how they are sewn in.

Partial Weaves Pros and Cons

Partial weaves will give you tons of versatility while adding length and thickness to your hair. With a partial weave, you'll find that you can pull your hair into higher ponytails and can switch up your part for even more versatility. Partial weaves won't give your hair the break from heat styling, though, and you may find that you apply more heat on your hair than usual, since you'll want to ensure that your own hair blends seamlessly with the weave hair.

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