How to Fringe the Back of Your Hair

A little fringe makes short hair look cute and femme.

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Let's go to the fringes of your haircut, the outer edges that either detract or enhance the overall appearance and shape of your hairdo. What do your fringes say about you? Well, if your nape is cut bluntly, your cut conveys a masculine, no-nonsense attitude. A wispy hairline, aka fringed hairline, appears feminine and flirty. Fringes make even the shortest cut look feminine and delicate. There's no right way or wrong way. Both fringed and blunt cuts complement the delicate features of a woman's face and neck. But if you want it wispy, flirty, messy and textured, you want fringe.


Wet down the back of your hair at the nape of your neck. Comb through it a little to remove the tangles.


Carve out an inch of hair at the center of your nape. Comb the hair up along the scalp to the protruding bone on the back of your head. Clamp the section between the first two fingers of your left hand at this bone.


Keep holding that section with your fingers and slide your fingers out slightly from the scalp, about an inch or so. Hold your fingers horizontally, parallel with the floor. Cut off all the hair that extends beyond your fingers.


Pull the rest of the hair at the back of your head up to the same point and cut using the first cut as a guide.


Comb the hair down. It should already be wispy, but you need to take it one step further with some texture.


Pick up the thinning shears. Pull your nape hair out from the scalp in small, vertical sections and close the thinning shears over the very ends of the hair, about 1/2 inch from the ends. Texture all the hair with the thinning shears. Comb it down and check out your new fringe.

Things You'll Need


1.Water spray bottle



4.Thinning shears


Tips & Tricks


Always cut at the same level of elevation and keep those hands held at the same angle to keep it all even.

Never cut higher than the occipital bone, that protruding bump on the back of your head, when cutting fringe. Keep the cuts low to keep from messing up the look of your cut.


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