How to French Manicure Your Nails Using Tape

Give yourself a French mani at home on the cheap.

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When you want a set of stylin’ nails, a French manicure can win hands down. Whether you go for big and bright colors or you want a more subtle contrast between the base coat and the tips, a French mani is definitely doable at home. Get creative and French manicure your nails using tape. By pinching pennies with supplies, you’ll have more to spend on nail polish!


Prep your nails for the new polish by removing any old polish. Then file your nails with the nail file to shape them, if necessary.


Apply the base coat color of nail polish over every nail, covering each one completely with color. This will be the main color of your nails.


Let the base coat dry completely and then apply a second coat to give your nails an even and flawless coat of polish. Let the second coat dry completely.


Cut a 2-inch piece of clear tape. Position the tape across a fingernail so that the edge of the tape aligns where you want the accent color to be. You will probably need to curve the edge of the tape slightly with scissors to follow the curve of your fingernail. Press the tape down very firmly over your nail to keep nail polish from seeping under the tape. Do the same thing for every fingernail.


Apply the accent nail polish color over the tips of your fingernails. It’s OK to paint over the edge of the tape -- as long as you pressed it down firmly, the nail polish shouldn’t bleed under the tape.


Let the accent nail polish color dry completely and add a second coat over the tips of your nails, then let this coat dry completely.


Carefully pull off the tape from each nail to reveal your super stylin’ digits.


Apply a clear topcoat over each nail to seal in the beauteous color.

Things You'll Need


1.Nail polish remover (optional)

3.2 nail polish colors (base color and accent color)


2.Nail file (optional)

4.Clear tape

6.Clear topcoat


Tips & Tricks


Try using adhesive page reinforcers cut in half instead of clear tape.

If you hurry the process and don’t let the base coats of polish dry fully, the tape may ruin these layers. Make sure you chill until the polish is dry enough that it doesn’t dent when you press firmly on it.


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