French Braids With Hair Pulled to the Side

Switch up your look and rock a French-braided, pulled-to-the-side look.

Photo: Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images

Side braids are uber trendy, and believe it or not, French braids have been having another moment in the fashion sun. Put the two trends together, and you've got a super creative and totally chic look that'll definitely make you stand out in the crowd. So pull your French braid to the side for a new and fun look.

Angular Braid

This French braid style will literally plait your hair from one side of your head to another. Start with wavy, roughed up hair. Try air-drying hair or spritzing it with a little dry shampoo first. Then, part hair on the side and French braid it down, working your way to the nape of the neck on the other side of the head. Once you reach the nape, twist your loose hair into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Completely Braided

Work the same angled braid look, but keep everything braided. To create this 'do, part hair and braid it to the nape of the neck, but, once you reach the nape, keep braiding hair down to the end and secure it in place with an elastic hair tie.

Curly Braid

Try using a French braid as an accent just on the back of the head. Start by creating a deep part and curling hair in sections with a large-barrel iron, holding the iron vertically to create ringlets. Now, start French braiding hair on the parted side -- the smallest parted side -- and plait it diagonally until it reaches the nape of the neck. Bobby pin it in place and let the rest of your hair hang free.

Side Ponytail Braid

The side ponytail looks fantastic curly, but also works straight, so pick which texture you like best. Your French braid will be used as an accent to your hair. Create a deep side part, take the section of hair at the hairline on the smaller side of the part right above the ear and French braid it back, then pull hair over and secure it in a side ponytail.

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