How to Freeze Things to Remove Perfume Odors

Perfume odor can linger on things for a long time.

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Perfume can be light, sensual, playful, sultry and just about any other adjective. There are tons of perfumes on the market with just about any scent to fit just about any mood. The problem is that once you've sprayed perfume on your clothes, shoes or other fabrics, it can be really difficult to get rid of the scent. One way to remove perfume from items is to freeze them, and it just might save you an expensive dry cleaning bill.


Place the items in a large sealable bag if possible. Close it tightly and set it in the freezer. If the items won't fit in a bag, just set them in the freezer, but move away any food items you don't want smelling like perfume.


Leave the items in the freezer for at least 12 hours or longer.


Remove the bag from the freezer or take out the items.


If the items are washable, wash in the washing machine with laundry detergent and warm or hot water, depending on the fabric. Check the clothing or fabric tag for specific washing instructions.


Spray nonwashable items with an odor-removing spray to get rid of any remaining perfume.

Things You'll Need


1.Large sealable bag

3.Odor removing spray

2.Laundry detergent


Tips & Tricks


You may need to freeze things more than once to permanently remove the perfume odor.


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